Life Coaching Workshops

“Barb is a wonderfully creative, caring and supportive life coach. She helped me move successfully thru a major transition in my life.” Sandy ( Colorado Springs)

Shining the Light of Truth on Shame

In this talk Barb teaches participants a model to help them identify when their shame is engaged in their self talk and in their lives. Once a person can identify their shame they can utilize several techniques Barb will teach which will shine the light of truth on the shame and help them intervene on it. Barb will teach many levels of intervention, as shame can enter in many levels:: ie: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, relationship, work, and recreational levels. She does this so that the entire being can disengage from the shame. As she teaches she Shines The Light of Truth on shame and helps her audience to step into Truth. return to top

“Shame is NEVER the truth,” is one quote your will hear Barb say often.

Stepping Outside the Shoulds

In this talk Barb helps audiences identify their belief systems’ strengths and weaknesses. As strengths are identified they can be developed and built upon. As weaknesses are identified she will teach them techniques to change the weakness or negatives into a belief system that supports their dreams . As they do this they step outside the shoulds that have limited their lives, and their dreams. As they step outside the shoulds they step into their truths and begin the process of creating an authentic, fulfilling life.

Barb says,“It is truly satisfying to watch people relieve themselves of the baggage of the “should” and step into their lives.” return to top

Finding and Maintaining Balance In The Middle of Chaos

This is an experiential talk in which Barb teaches techniques to people to get grounded and stay grounded, no matter what is going on in their lives. She utilizes role play to help participants actually practice their tools in situations that typically knock them out of balance, so that they can experience success in the workshop and take the tools home.

“In our increasingly chaotic world, utilizing tools for balance is becoming more and more critical,” says Barb.

Barb is open and willing to create a talk that fits her audience’s needs. She spent 10 years of her life traveling around the country teaching workshops. It is a great passion for her to teach. Contact her if you have specific topics you would like her to present on. Contact Barb Today for your Free Consultation